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After years of working with Power Apps, I’ll help you NOT fall into some of the same traps I did. As a programmer, I had certain expectations from Power Apps. I was wrong, and it cost me hundred of hours to figure out how to get started right. I’ll show you what I learned so you can get there faster.

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Who is this expert?

Darren Neese has been coding for over 20 years and has racked up skills in .NET, C#, Visual Basic, and lots of other Microsoft tech languages as well as server-side tools such as MS SQL Server. During one of his latest gigs, he was asked to build a Power Apps app for the agency he works for. After several weeks of learning the tool and understanding its idiosyncrasies, he figured out how to make Power Apps bend to his will and then realized he enjoyed helping others do the same.

Darren is the father of six and enjoys hanging out and traveling with his wife, Nicole. His favorite game is World of Warcraft. He’s a singer and loves Marvel movies.

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